Pankhudi Premium Henna Powder 1kg

Pankhudi Premium Henna Powder 1kg

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About this item

  • Brand : Pankhudi Henna
  • weight : 1 KG
  • Perfect for body art.
  • Used for Hair, Hands and Foot
  • helps to condition and strengthen your hair
  • 100% pure & natural heena from sojat rajasthan

Pankhudi Henna is from our own henna field in Sojat, Rajasthan.It is cloth filter henna powder which is more pure from normal filter. It can be used for hair, hands, foot for Men and Women. Our aim is to provide 100% natural, and chemical free henna powder in this chemical era. Pankhudi Henna, we source the henna from choicest of leaves grown in Sojat Rajasthan – not just for it’s unmatched rich shade, but also for the unmatched quality, each time. Pankhudi Henna, is 100% natural henna, that are known to give great shine and health to hair. Pankhudi Henna is uses for hair, eyebrow , hand, foot and all types of henna art ,henna hair colour or henna tattoos. it is 100% natural and pure henna. does not contain any type of mixture.


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