Henna Manufacturer and Supplier in Bangalore

Henna Manufacturer and Supplier in Bangalore

We supply Henna Powder all over India as well as Bangalore. If you are from Bangalore then you can contact us for Henna Powder and Herbal Products.

Uses of henna for hair growth from Bangalore

Rosemary is a small tree or shrub called Lawsonia inermis with fragrant white or red flowers. Henna powder and its crops are nature’s gift to us. It is a natural product with its versatility of use defined in different categories. There are many benefits of using organic heena powder.

benefits of henna for hair

It is known for its application to hair and tattoos. When it comes to applying hair, henna isn’t just a healthier option than the poison of the salon. It is great for your hair growth and scalp!

Henna Prevents Dandruff

When applied to the scalp it has been shown to nourish, treat and prevent dandruff.

makes hair stronger

Henna helps seal the hair cuticle to the hair shaft, creating a stronger and shinier hair shaft. Due to henna’s ability to unclog the hair shaft by closing the cuticle, it becomes an ideal conditioner by default.

how to apply henna

There are different ways of applying for different fields. It is used for making tattoos and for coloring eyebrows. Eyebrow tinting is the most famous application for using organic heena powder nowadays. We will tell you about the process of applying it to the hair.

  1. Mix and Prepare

Use a quart-sized mixing bowl per packet and a spoon for mixing.

Put the powder in a bowl. Slowly pour hot tap water into the powder.

Add very little water at a time to get a suitable paste consistency.

  1. Apply Color or Treatment

Apply to towel-dried hair using gloved hands or a dye brush.

Using the gloved hand, scoop and apply the paste to the back

Work evenly from scalp and hair root to top of hair. Strive for full, even coverage.

When done, cover the head with the included plastic cap. Leave for one to two hours.

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