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Body Art Quality Henna (BAQ) simply refers to the grade/quality of the henna crop and the processing process. … and BAQ rosemary is the first crop chosen for its hearty growth characteristics: dark red stems and crimson leaf-vein network—both ensuring rich lawson (rosemary pigment) content. Rose Milan Industries offers Revolutionary Darkest Stain 7 Time Filter, Clog Free Henna Powder.

Only Lawsonia inermis or so called red henna covers gray hair. Lawsonia gives a bright natural red color with a hint of orange to light blonde or brown hair and a natural gorgeous red tone on dark hair.

Henna colors the top layers of your skin using completely natural processes. Henna contains the molecule Lossum, which gives color to organic substances such as hair, skin, nails and natural fibres. It takes time for the lossum to bind to the cells, so the henna paste should remain moist and in contact with the skin for as long as possible. The heat makes the dye stain a darker, even darker color.