Customize Your Brand
At Rose Million Industries, we support an end to end product life cycle for our customer. Build your own brand with us in 3 steps

1. Give us your design.

2. Select your product. At rose milan industries. we have wild range of products Spice, Seeds, Herbal and Cosmetics.

3. Select pouch outer packing. We have 100gm to 200gm rich aluminium foil moisture proof zip and standing Pouch, IN which products safe up to 3 years. We have also henna tube and cone.

As a genuine henna manufacturing unit, we enable our clients to create their own unique products. In today’s world it is important to show yourself as a brand. We provide back to back support for Amazon Fulfillment, eBay sellers and Etsy worldwide.


We take care all of your needs.

  • Door delivery option for Amazon fulfillment warehouse.
  • Rose Milan Industries provides you with organic certified products.