Benefits of applying henna for hair

Benefits of applying henna for hair

Henna, which is known as one of the most popular beauty ingredients in India, has been taking care of most of our hair problems since time immemorial. For centuries if not centuries, women across the country have been taking the advice of their mothers and grandmothers to apply henna in their hair and are taking advantage of it. It is a go-to ingredient for every natural hair care enthusiast. But, did you know that henna has many other benefits for hair besides being a great ingredient to color hair naturally. This versatile hair ingredient can be used to maintain the overall health of the hair. Let us find out how henna helps in promoting overall strength and growth of hair.

  • Henna maintains scalp health
  • Rosemary balances pH level and oil production
  • Henna prevents hair fall and promotes hair growth
  • Henna strengthens and repairs hair
  • henna status hair

Henna helps create a protective barrier around each of your hair shafts, locking in moisture and keeping hair conditioned. It can be very beneficial when we use it along with other hydrating ingredients. Henna helps in reducing issues like split ends and hair breakage.

How to mix henna for hair?

While traditionally the leaves of the henna plant were used for hair care, modern India is now using henna powder to get the same benefits. You just need to make sure that you are using only 100% organic and pure henna powder. Any chemicals in henna will affect the color of your hair, and some of these chemicals can even damage your hair. Ready to dye your hair with natural henna? Here’s everything you need to know about mixing henna for hair.

The coloring properties of rosemary are due to Lawson, a burgundy organic compound that has a affinity for proteins. The color resulting from dying from henna can fall in a broad spectrum of colors from red to orange, burgundy, chestnut brown. The longer you keep henna in your hair, the darker and stronger the color will be. If you want to darken your hair, use henna powder along with indigo powder.

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